March 6, 1951 can be considered as the date of the founding of the Department. It’s when the Department started the design direction of educational activities.

At the origins of the Department there were well-known scientists and mechanics Lev Riftin and Faydor Litvin.

In 1964 Professor Faydor Litvin has combined together the Departments of Theory of Mechanisms and Components of Instruments and Laid the foundation of a new scientific and educational discipline "Theory of mechanisms and components of instruments". Then the Department was headed by: the associate professor Alexey Politavkin, professor Konstantin Gulyaev and professor Boris Timofeev. In 1991, following the trends of science Professor Boris Timofeev has laid the foundation for transformation of the Department of Theory of Mechanisms and Components of Instruments into the Department of Mechatronics.

The main directions of research activities of the Department are: solving common problems of mechatronics (laws of motion of mechatronic devices units, problems of kinematics and dynamics of manipulation systems, micromotion), the implementation of problems of the theory of mechanisms (theory of higher kinematic pair, mechanism precision, tribonics) and problems of solid mechanics (continuum mechanics, catastrophe theory, stability of motion).

In the past few years there were designed, manufactured, tested and put into operation such mechatronic devices as: device for geotechnical monitoring of underground cavities in salt borehole mining, device for repair of wells for oil mining, television visual device for control of nuclear fuel elements position at Chernobyl.

The Department has repeatedly held conferences and seminars on mechatronics and microsystems technology, on the theory and geometry of gearing, on the accuracy of mechanisms of machines, on the theory of machines and mechanism, on components of instruments and applied mechanics.

Annually the Department holds the National Student Olympiad in Applied Mechanics.

There is a number of agreements on cooperation with Russian and foreign universities and academic institutions, including the Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Technical University of Ilmenau (Germany), Academy of Technology and Agriculture in Bydgoszcz (Poland), V.A. Belyi Metal Polymer Research Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (MPRI), etc.

There is scientific and technical cooperation with "LOMO" JSC, "Plant of precision machines" JSC, "Trading Company Factory "IZMERON", "RosSpecPribor" (Scientific Manufacturing Corporation "Oasis"), "Skala" JSC, "Hoisting equipment plant" JSC, etc.

The material and technical base of the Department for teaching students has a sufficient complex of educational  and research laboratories that provide laboratory work for students to fulfill the curriculum and working programs in all disciplines of the Department.

In the educational process of the Department the laboratory and production facilities of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems of the Russian Federation, "LOMO" LLC, "Plant of precision machines” JSC, Trading Company Factory “IZMERON”,”Hoisting equipment plant” JSC and others are used. The computer technology on the basis of the computer class of the Department of Fine Mechanics and Technologies and the Computers of the Department of  Mechatronics that have the access to the global networks is extensively used. The Department as soon as possible upgrades the equipment and equips its laboratories.


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