Кафедра мехатроники Всероссийская студенческая олимпиада по механике - Кафедра Мехатроники Новая специальность
Students of Mechatronics Department present papers at international conferences and have won prizes at competitions. The Department of Mechatronics is the organizer of all-Russian Student Olympiad on Mechanics. The Department of mechatronics in cooperation with Tallinn University teaches the masters in program "Modular technology in the biomechatronics".



14. 03. 2017

Our best wishes to Professor Boris Pavlovich Timofeev! Happy 80th anniversary! Good health and further success and victories!

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Meeting with Quanser and NI representatives

02. 03. 2017

Meeting with Stephen Frank (the Director of business development in Europe of Quanser company) will be On March 14 at the Department of Mechatronics.

Time: 14 March (Tuesday), 16-00
Place: Kronverksky…

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Robotex-2016: Robots Race, Swim and Do Sumo

26. 12. 2016

The world's biggest contest in robotics — Robotech-2016 — has just ended in Tallinn. Autonomous robots battled each other in sumo, water races, motor runs and other different challenges. The contest brought together more than 2600 developers…

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We created an English version of the web site

07. 12. 2016

An English version of the Mechatronic Department’s website is up and running to bridge us with international students and non-Russian friends and colleagues.

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Sergey Kolyubin
Dear colleagues and students!

Progress in mechatronics and robotics research is a key element in answering global challenges. Modern mechatronic systems play an important role in industrial and medical applications, increasing safety and performance, improving the quality of life and returning lost motion, sensing and even breathing and heart beating abilities.

The Department of Mechatronics has rich history and keeps abreast of relevant scientific and technical trends. We strive to implement world's best practices in our research and professional training for a pool of brilliant engineers and scientists.

I believe that together we can succeed in completing challenging tasks and bring our work to ever-greater heights!

Acting Head of Mechatronics Department, Sergey Kolyubin

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